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    Solutions Managed Services is the partner every enterprise needs. Step forward into the future with a reliable service that adapts to your environment to create value in the form of innovation.

    Managed Services takes your ICT challenges and faces them for you; strategizing according to your goals and creating a game plan that scores every goal. We make sure that while your team focuses on strategic objectives for the future, Solutions will work on complex ICT infrastructure to ensure continuity.

    Invest in your future now and watch as your visions realize with a service that tackles long-term planning. Solutions combines the newest technologies with trained technicians to create the perfect ICT solutions that tackle both existing and future problems so that you never have to worry again.

Sample applications

  • Education

    Secure transportation facility:

    Students will be provided secured pick and drop facility extended beyond institution’s gates by developing a protected bus system equipped with passenger WIFI, eco-driving and much more.

    Control access and management:

    Students and visitors will have permission to access areas connected to their syllabus requirements.

    Automated systems:

    Solutions brings a cashless campus, avoid cash payment issues and instead uses automated transaction payment for facilities such as printers, copies, and other services.


  • Health Care

    Call prioritization and process: Nearest vehicle is dispatched

    Call handling: Classification of the emergency level

    Short path for condition analysis: Getting patient’s medical details and providing important care promptly


  • Real Estate

    Commercial real estate:
    Combining building, energy, safety and communication services, Solutions provides a building management system always connects you while securing access control for visitor management.

    Retail Real Estate:
    With the changing retail business, shopper personalization and enhanced shopping experiences — Solutions increases engagement and offers additional security RIFD systems for asset tracking.

    Guest Hotel Services:
    Hotels and businesses alike can explore the features of the Solutions cloud providing connectivity services to turn your hotel into a smart hotel by integrating systems. Wireless internet access through guest rooms, back offices, conference rooms and public zones to accommodate hotel’s complex mix of scenarios.


Technology case studies

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