• Redefining Internet

    Solutions introduces a unique service that knows no limits, an integrated ecosystem that connects, controls, and empowers. Uncover vast data that will present itself to be smart yet challenging and maximize benefits of lower costs, higher efficiency and productivity.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) offers customized solutions in all areas – manage your assets to increase productivity and performance or stay in touch with your cash through networks of ATM connectivity.  Allow this system to redefine reality and give the internet a new meaning. With the IoT, integrate your future into the present you live in today.

Sample applications

  • Government

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

    With a complex network structure comes ICT complexities. Balancing politics, cultures, employees and embassies can result in breakdowns in communication, slowing down work and risking losses.

    The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA):

    For GACA, there is no compromise on security. With sensitive information being used, it was vital for an unbreakable wall of protection to be built to secure their network from malicious intent.

    Ministry of Housing:

    The Ministry of Housing knew in order to achieve their goal of increasing housing ownership they needed to access untapped data to create better plans for the future. Solutions transferred them to the Cloud – where information is endless and infrastructures are built to withstand all challenges.

    Ministry of Labor and Social Development:

    The MLSD carries the responsibility of the citizens; from job creation to quality of life. In their movement towards driving better outcomes for the citizens, the MLSD realized a need for a faster, seamless communications in order to minimize delays.

  • Health Care

    Call prioritization and process: Nearest vehicle is dispatched

    Call handling: Classification of the emergency level

    Short path for condition analysis: Getting patient’s medical details and providing important care promptly


  • Real Estate

    Commercial real estate:
    Combining building, energy, safety and communication services, Solutions provides a building management system always connects you while securing access control for visitor management.

    Retail Real Estate:
    With the changing retail business, shopper personalization and enhanced shopping experiences — Solutions increases engagement and offers additional security RIFD systems for asset tracking.

    Guest Hotel Services:
    Hotels and businesses alike can explore the features of the Solutions cloud providing connectivity services to turn your hotel into a smart hotel by integrating systems. Wireless internet access through guest rooms, back offices, conference rooms and public zones to accommodate hotel’s complex mix of scenarios.


Want to know more?

The Internet of Things is vast and waiting to be explored. Allow your enterprise to surf through the capabilities Solutions offers. Contact us to know more.