• Solutions sees the bigger picture. Our answers are formulated to not only solve ICT complexities but also create an environment that is smart and encouraging for customer growth.

    We work for the people. Our objectives cater to the future of the citizens and are in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. With 800 employees spread out over 35 cities, we offer customer service that is personalized for every client. Solutions creates new opportunities with its untapped technology, ensuring it is beneficial and flexible to fit the needs of every individual client and the economy as a whole.

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Our mission is to provide innovative technology solutions that enable our customers to succeed in evolving market needs.

Omer Alnomany



Working environment

  • For every individual working under Solutions, the goal is to execute quality.

    We have a team of extraordinary members that thrives on delivering performance that doesn’t only raise the benchmark of value but also helps your enterprise achieve it. The guiding principle is to create innovation that matters.

    Within our environment, we value growth, whether it be on an individual level or on a corporate level.

    At Solutions, every day is a new experience.