Areas of activity

  • Real Estate
    Connect anywhere and everywhere especially the core place of communication -- an estate space. Whether it’s an office, hotel or building real estate management you can rely on Solutions to accelerate productivity and meet the needs of flexible space.
  • Healthcare
    Solutions leaves behind conventional healthcare systems, offering digital services that bring to you the future of healthcare. We bring to the Kingdom a new era of health technology. Raise your standard of living with integrated services that are innovative and digitalized.
  • Government
    Solutions stays committed to the Vision 2030. We work for the people – our vision is universal to the Kingdom, our clients and their audience so that with every step we take, we move forward. Previously, Solutions worked with some of the Kingdoms major government departments. With our innovative services, the barriers between untapped information were broken and efficiency became a key factor in achieving their goals.
  • Education
    STCS is proud to be a trusted partner to many of the Kingdom’s foremost learning establishments, providing holistic services in support of progress towards the attainment of Vision 2030.

Want to know more?

We share a future vision with our customers where the needs of society, the enhancement of
education, the attainment of better citizen and customer outcomes, and safer, securer and
smarter environments are not just a long term aspiration; they are achievable now.