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STC Solutions guides organizations on their journey to the cloud, through the path of digital transformation, and into the infinite capacity and scope of true empowerment.

STC Solutions is passionate about ideas; offering experienced insights into how you can create them, unleash them, and exploit them.

Markets are changed, and dominated, by organizations that do not accept constraints on their thinking. Progress is not about holding on to the past. Being able to touch and see computing equipment is an outdated approach to technology.

Increasingly, across KSA, organizations are recognizing that the less you see, the more you can imagine; the lighter you travel, the farther you go.

STC Solutions guides organizations on their journey to the cloud, through the path of digital transformation, and into the infinite capacity and scope of true empowerment.

STC Cloud makes the future available as a service

agile, affordable, scalable and infinite.

As the leading ICT solutions provider in KSA, STC Solutions is an experienced partner to accompany, facilitate and guide you on your cloud journey. Our advanced cloud technology – powered by Bluvalt® technology – is provided by the market leader STC, our parent company. Our three top-tier datacenters – and all of your data – are completely local and all data is kept within KSA.

The STC Cloud Marketplace (link) offers a variety of service options from STC Cloud as well as other vendors. Enjoy the best of what the market has to offer with the convenience of unified billing and a single dashboard to manage all of your services or offerings.

STC Cloud delivers software solutions, infrastructure and development platforms as a service, but we prefer to talk about the future as the guiding principle of all that we do. STC Solutions offers all the professional services you need to help you implement your future in the Cloud.

Future-thinking is about identifying what your customers and citizens want and what your employees need. It’s about removing barriers to great performance, accepting no limitations, and working with partners who share your goals.


    Quality results are becoming far more attainable in KSA as cloud computing gains traction. It is still early for cloud computing in the Kingdom yet many organizations are harnessing its benefits ahead of others. It will be a key driver in the attainment of Vision 2030. Read about how the Ministry of Housing is using the cloud to achieve better results for citizens.


    Faster troubleshooting

    Quality output is the result of optimizing the knowledge assets in your organization and sharing expertise and experience to the benefit of your employees and clients. By providing real-time collaboration tools through the cloud, you ensure that no opportunities are missed to deliver the best you can deliver.


    Quality performance requires knowing what to do next. Field engineers, for example, should never be stranded without an on-the-spot solution ever again. They can share real-time videos that show them how to deal with advanced technical problems that they may not have encountered before.

    Healthcare workers can similarly draw on valuable experience of others when unusual patient circumstances arise. On a lighter note, retail associates can access inventory information and make customer promises they can fulfil, never missing a sales opportunity.

  4. LEARN

    Quality insights come from predictive analytics; knowing how to gather and interpret the vast volumes of data that come into every commercial organization and government department. Cloud analytics enable you to use big data on a mammoth scale to understand trends, interactions, your customers and your public. They enable the organization to quickly learn about trends and needs and to stay ahead of them - delivering excellence.


Take advantage of the economies and other features of cloud computing at your own pace. Free yourself form the pain and expense of on-site bare-metal data centers. With STC Marketplace, you’re completely free to change, customize and manage your cloud infrastructure in the way that works best for YOU.
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What is Bluvalt®?

Bluvalt is a Saudi Cloud marketplace that aims to elevate SME ecosystems in the Kingdom. It is built by local engineers to serve the needs of startups, small and medium business owners and software developers. It intends to empower local talent, increase local content, foster innovation and help the Kingdom to achieve its Vision 2030 goals. Bluvalt is dedicated to four principles:

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