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Big Data Analytics and Smart Data Insights

Data revolution is taking place globally and enterprises are looking for real-time data insights to enhance their services, improve decision-making, customer interaction models, engagements based on customer habits and demographics.

STCS is in the forefront of developing new Digital services to enable organizations and government departments to understand customer behaviors, anticipate trends and make better decisions based on deep insights.

STCS together with its parent company STC offers complete Big Data Analytics solution for Enterprises to transform raw data into meaningful and useful insights for business purpose. It enable organizations to achieve a consistent and agile mechanism for turning information into value.

STCS Data Insight platform enable organizations to become insight driven company. It anonymize & aggregate data into legally & ethically acceptable form and make it available to external customers. STCS aims to help government, large enterprises and SMEs to uncover and tap into the potential of available data to create new opportunities and revenue streams.

It offers a complete Big Data Insight solution and framework for organizations with right business models.

STCS Data Analytics enhance enterprises capability through valuable Insights

STCS data scientists are experts in building the algorithms to enhance business decisions. It creates a unique opportunity for data rich companies to launch new product, boost revenue, and improve internal B2C communications Through multiple base maps and heat-maps, customer movement can be visualized to understand customer’s profile, location, point-of-interest, and data filtering. This will help enterprises to make better decisions, understand customer’s behavior and trends, and launch effective offerings through targeted campaigns.

STCS use aggregated and anonymized data that provided valuable insights to specific industry such as government, retail and financial institutions.

Our solution is built on highly secured environment to ensure security and privacy at every step.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics and Insight Solution

  1. Customer insights

    Provide highly valuable insights to our Enterprise customers by analyzing generic information such as age, gender, nationality and language. By getting access to customer’s insights, it will enable organizations to gain competitive edge to offer value proposition based on customer’s need, preferences and behavior.

  2. Better decisions

    Faster troubleshooting

    Personalizing each customer experience can make a huge difference in customer’s loyalty and long-term profitability of the business.

    Data insight solution can help organizations to target the right segment by creating personalized message for their customers.

    By embracing data insights as a fundamental tool on boosting, you will become a more customer-centric organization

  3. Effective Planning

    Big data insight solution will help organizations to plan their next Branch location according to customers profile, lifestyle, spending habits and wealth status.

    Location analytics through heat maps enable you to stay ahead of trend and anticipate area of business opportunity.

  4. Better customer experience

    Customers respond well when they feel that they know what they want.

    Gain valuable insights from customer touchpoints to offer customized product and experience that customers love.
    Now you can target customers personally through SMS messaging and gain greater trust.

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