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Shared Co-Location services allow customers to host their business critical servers, data, applications and telecom equipment in a highly secure, reliable, power redundant, and scalable IT environment.

Co-Location services are designed to deliver business continuity. It gives companies' space within state-of-the-art data center in an optimized environment with around-the-clock technical support. Companies can retain full control of their IT equipments without the ongoing expenses of maintaining an in-house computer room.

STC Solutions offers the optimal shared co-location environment for business critical servers and data with fully redundant power, cooling, security, network resilience systems which are backed up and maintained by industry leading technical experts. STC Solutions data center provides co-location services to customers of all business sectors who value their network and data availability, as well as the ability to optimize their server performance and maximize their return on investment.

STC Solutions data center offerings comprise of a comprehensive and integrated suite of services that solve the needs of customers business' mission critical applications. Companies may choose from the bouquet of offered services customizing the offering to cater to the specific companies' requirements. This results in a server configuration and setup that meets the needs of the clients' organization.

Following two major types of shared Co-Location services are offered:

Shared Co-Location Hosting

  • Golden: Managed by STC Solutions
  • Silver: Managed by customer

Service Benefits

  • STC Solutions data center's locations are equipped with best-in-class hardware, software, networks, and operational resources.
  • Cost effective
  • Ensures the availability of required resources to keep servers up all the time.
  • Flexible plans.
  • UPS battery backup
  • Fire suppression system
  • Controlled temperature
  • Proactive performance reporting

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