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The healthcare services providers today face an unprecedented challenge in terms of balancing high-quality patient services with the global healthcare standards, increased government regulations, emerging e-business trends, rising patient expectations and a demand for lower healthcare costs.

Health Service is the first Cloud based Hospital Management System in Saudi Arabia. . It is a world class Enterprise Resource Planning modular solution for managing and streamlining all aspects of hospitals business including Patient Management, Clinical Services, Operation Room Management, Lab Services, Pharmacy Management, Insurance & Claims Management, Financial Accounting, Payroll and more. It supports multilingual and multi-currency options, and is compatible with most of international standards.

This service is a Hospital Management System that enables seamless exchange of health information, which can be leading to efficiency, increased reach for your business and enabling enhanced patient care. Our service designed to support all the major features required by a Hospital management with a modular architecture which allows a high level of scalability and flexibility for the end user.

Health Service is designed to improve the quality of hospital and clinical healthcare management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing. Health Service enables you to develop your organization in various areas of operations and improve its effectiveness which can be resulted in quality of deliverables and quality of work. Managing the key processes efficiently is critical to the success of the Hospitals management.

Health Service is designed for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital departments to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

Service Benefits

Health Service provides an efficient & effective solution to hospital management to reduce the costs of administrative and clinical transactions, and at the same time, provides better services to the patients. The benefits of the Health Service include:

  • Management time savings through single window monitoring
  • High level of patient satisfaction due to less wait time at point of sale counters
  • Manage and control performance of pharmacy/store inventory
  • Easy and quick medical insurance claims processing
  • Hospital laboratory reagent tracking
  • Efficiency in billing using single point cash management
  • Administrative time savings through performance reports
  • Effective marketing communication through SMS technology
  • Improves quality of service and increases productivity
  • Reduces the time spent by staff filling out forms, for freeing resources for more critical tasks
  • Maximizes resource utilization across all hospital departments
  • Improves hospital administration through streamlining workflow operations
  • Service provide based on Cloud, there is no need to invest in the infrastructure of the system.
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model.
  • Cost savings on maintenance and upgrades
  • Rapid deployment and quick Return on Investment
  • Easy access to medical records for patients.
     Features of Service
  • World Class Solution: Its is a world class Enterprise Resource Planning modular solution.
  • Web based Application: Health Service is web based integrated application supporting distributed centre transactions. Health Service is based on the latest web based technology.
  • Advanced Prescribing: It allows easy selection of drugs in a variety of ways. The doctors, based on their specialty can define their own set of drugs.
  • Superior Reporting: The various medical and administrative reports are available online for management at the click of a button at their terminal, enabling faster and superior decision making.
  • Integration with Third Party Applications: Health Service can also be interfaced seamlessly with third party systems and devices such as:
    • Picture Archival & Communications System (PACS) for imaging solutions
    • Laboratory Analyzers
    • Barcode and RFID
    • Document Management System
    • EPABX System
    • Smart Card
  • Improved Security and User Control: The advanced role-based access model and architecture incorporates a flexible security matrix defining the users and their permissions within each module. This ensures that only care providers with the proper authorization have access to patient information.
  • Reduced Operating Cost and Positive ROI :
    • Minimized maintenance costs: As our service is hosted on the cloud, so no software, hardware is required to maintain and thus minimizes the maintenance costs.
    • No Upgrade Costs: Our service will always be upgraded automatically to latest technologies, so no upgrade costs will be incurred to you.
  • Staff Payroll System: The system maintains the entire payroll system of the hospital. The staff pays slips as well as addition and deduction to their salaries is maintained by the system. The system also keeps tracking of the staff’s paid and unpaid leaves.
  • Medicine: The pharmaceutical department is a very important part of the hospital. The system keeps track of the inventory .The patient prescription details and the information about the category? Wise medicines are stored. The records for each patient and its bill will be maintained by the system and it will be added to the patient bill when he will be discharged.
  • Patient record: The system maintains a detail record of each patient who will be admitted to the hospital. The patient case papers will be generated automatically and will be maintained in proper format.
  • Staff Record: The system keeps tracking of the entire staff of the hospital.
  • Billing system with multilingual and multi-currency options: The entire billing system for the patient will be automatically created. It will include all kinds of expenses, and eventually when the patient gets a discharge the total bill will be generated automatically. The bill will contain all the expenses, which should be charged to the patient for the period of admission. It also supports multilingual and multi-currency options.
  • Improved profitability and patient satisfaction: The completely integrated application ensures seamless flow of data hence helping the management to collect, disseminate and analyze the information and provides cash flow reports. The application also assists in doctor-patient interaction and improves the patient communication with the doctors and vice versa.
  • Doctors can view their daily appointment schedules for any day from any where.

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