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In today’s global business environment, increasing customer satisfaction while maximizing productivity is the key to remain competitive. Call centers are critical to ensure the delivery of superior services and support to both existing and potential clients. Many companies are moving away from traditional call centers operations, and are adopting a virtual call center model unlike traditional call centers, where all agents reside in a single location and are managed by a team of on-site supervisors.

CALL CENTERS SERVICE offers an unprecedented opportunity to achieve these objectives with the added benefit of lower total cost of ownership and operation meanwhile maximizing reliability and scalability.

CALL CENTERS SERVICE is a virtual call center where an organizations virtual call center agents do not work from the organizations offices, they work from different geographical locations, could be from their homes. The flexibility of working from home and flexibility of working hours have made more people opt for this kind of job, especially for female agents working from their homes. Such a working environment is critically needed in Saudi Arabia. From an organizational perspective, the virtual call center setup enables organizations to save on infrastructure, equipment, office space, and other costs. Organizations that have virtual call centers also benefit from lesser employee turnovers.

CALL CENTERS SERVICE consists of two main offerings tailored specifically for the Saudi market:

  • Call center solution with agents, provision of infrastructure services ,unified number 9200 with its staff.
  • Call center solution without agents, provision of infrastructure services, unified number 9200 only.


    Service Benefits

Choosing CALL CENTERS SERVICE brings your organization great benefits such as:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for office space, infrastructure, specialized call center hardware and software, equipment, and the dedicated IT staff necessary for maintenance.
  • Increase staffing flexibility with the freedom to deploy your call center agents anywhere.what is needed is an internet connection, a browser, and an IP telephone. Companies can hire only the required number of employees.
  • Rapid scalability as your operating staff could change simply as per changes in your business.
  • Effectively manage your agents regardless of their location with robust monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Greater continuity of service companies which have agents in strategically-placed offices around the globe can ensure more effective and affordable around-the-clock service.
  • No geographical limitations.
  • Call recording and monitoring.
  • Powerful reporting.
  • Manage calls effectively.
     Features of Service
  • Call recording: Robust call recording and retrieval capabilities.
  • Auto attendant interactive: Voice response (IVR) and custom messaging.
  • Agent log in/log off: Calls are only directed to agents who are on duty.
  • Automated distribution intelligence: Call routing and queuing with the ability to be queuing when call center is not staffed.
  • Agent and supervisor clients: Intuitive client interface for greater agent productivity and management oversight.
  • Call center reporting: Preset real-time and historical reports in graphical and tabular form.
  • Message on hold and comfort announcement: Callers are provided with a greeting, followed by a choosen recordings.
  • Real-time monitoring: CALL CENTERS SERVICE provides critical contact center metrics and gives supervisors the ability to manage their agent teams effectively.Authorized supervisors can monitor live agent and customer interactions from any location.A supervisor uses a web browser to pick an agent to monitor. GUI buttons allow the supervisor to observe, select another agent or quit monitoring.
  • CRM integration: CALL CENTERS SERVICE can have a positive dramatic impact on your business.


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