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IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), through STC Solutions cloud delivers various IT services on a subscription bases, eliminating up-front costs and driving down ongoing support costs and enabling companies to make a strategic shift from a CAPEX to OPEX-based business model. Our IaaS resources are fully elastic and available on a self service and on-demand basis..

STC Solutions, as a trusted IT partner has already engaged its resources, expertise and local customer experience to develop the state of the art cloud computing facilities to cater all the local cloud market requirements. STC Solutions provides a wide range of cloud services through its locally managed Datacenters. .

    Service Benefits
  • Improved cash flow: With no up-front commitments and a pay-per-use consumption model.
  • Support of uncertain provision planning : The elasticity of IaaS enables customers to rapidly scale up resources as needed  .
  • Transparent metering and self-service management: The visibility and control IaaS offers over resources.
  • Freedom from limits: overcome resource constraints with on-demand access to robust 
  • Power and control: rapidly provision IT resources and market standards for security 
  • Predictability: enjoy predictable costs and “no surprises” results with strong governance methodology and service-level driven outcomes
  • Guidance: leverage STC Solutions experience in infrastructure and managed services to enter the Cloud with confidence.
     Features of Service
  • Fully Redundant Architecture
  • Web-Based Management Console
  • Persistent Virtual Machines
  • optional Firewalls
  • Choice of Operating Systems
  • Compatible with Your Existing Applications
  • Flexible service according to varying business requirements.
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support


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