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STC Solutions commitment to provide with innovative IT solutions, Microsoft Hosted Exchange is ready through our platform to empower our valued customers to reach new horizons of reliability and performance by delivering business class solutions that simplify your administration, help protect your communications and delight users by meeting their demands for greater mobility with anywhere access to communication. Microsoft Hosted Exchange provides powerful capabilities of cloud–Computing services, which minimize your operational costs and enable you to allocate these resources to other core business activities to increase ROI on IT investment.

    Service Benefits
  • Lower IT Costs with a flexible and reliable platform
    Using Microsoft hosted exchange through STC Solutions clouds minimize your CAPEX and increase ROI. Customers need less IT resources and infrastructure to cater their business communication requirements.
  •  Fascinate User with anywhere access of communications 
    STC Solutions through hosted exchange service enables your employees stay connected by an excellent use of cost–effective technology solution to improve business communications through access their emails, voice mails .
  • Manage risk with protection and compliance capabilities
    Since in today’s interconnected and live working environment, a large number of communication devices and applications access your email infrastructure on daily basis, so while selecting an appropriate email solution for your organization it ultimately becomes mandatory to chose the right solution that could protect your IT assets, and business critical email data.  
    Features of Service
  • Simplified Administration
  • Outlook Web Access features
  • Internet mail protocol & Message Access Protocol
  • Web browser access via any client
  • Personal information access (Mail Folders, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar Address list)
  • Shared Folders (Address List, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar)
  • Public Folders
  • Web-Based Control Panel Site Control
  • Group scheduling, including viewing free/busy times of others
  • Mobile Notification: Receive notification of events in the server software via mobile devices
  • Mobile Browse: Access the server software inbox, calendar, address book, Global Address Book and tasks via mobile devices
  • Mobile Synchronization: Synchronize mobile devices over wireless networks with the server software inbox, calendar, address book and tasks.
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support


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