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Domain Name System (or DNS) service is a service which links internet addresses (URLs) with IP addresses. This separate handling of components allows companies to route the web traffic to particular IP addresses without changing the domains.

Service Benefits

  • Reliable and secure way to manage domain names and their linkage to IPs
  • Proven high-performance, reliability and cost effectiveness
  • Smooth & hassle free service ensured by our 24/7/365 technical support

Why STC Solutions

  • Stable and hassle free service backed by state of the art technology.
  • We offer 24/7/365 technical support service solving problems quickly as they arise.
  • STC Solutions is a well renowned, trusted and experienced service provider offering services at competitive prices.
  • Various flexible packages to meet varied needs of all businesses.
  • Furthermore, we are employing a professional delivery team well known for their high standards and comprehensive knowledge. Our delivery team is trained internationally and in KSA on a regular basis and maintains an excellent track record in achieving industry quality certifications.
  • Our ability to bring nationwide network and reliability of STC network together with strong customer services focus and responsiveness to our customers sets us apart.

For inquiring and services orders

  • Call one of our friendly sales hotline staff: 800-124-1300
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