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IP address services for business are the core services for companies' driving portals and websites by providing registered and routed web-addresses / IP's.

STC Solutions provides both dynamic & static IP's to fulfill the connectivity & identification requirements of our clients through internationally recognized Internet registries that support the operation of the Internet globally.

Service Benefits

  • Reliable and secure way to provide IP services
  • Possibility to select between dynamic and static IPs depending on clients needs
  • Direct access to Internet registries
  • Smooth & hassle free connectivity ensured by our 24/7/365 technical support

Why STC Solutions

  • Preferred connectivity provider for financial Institutions.
  • Stable and hassle free service backed by state of the art technology.
  • We offer 24/7/365 technical support service solving problems quickly as they arise.
  • STC Solutions is a well renowned, trusted and experienced service provider offering services at competitive prices.
  • Various flexible packages to meet varied needs of all businesses.
  • Furthermore, we are employing a professional delivery team well known for their high standards and comprehensive knowledge. Our delivery team is trained internationally and in KSA on a regular basis and maintains an excellent track record in achieving industry quality certifications.
  • Our ability to bring nationwide network and reliability of STC network together with strong customer services focus and responsiveness to our customers sets us apart.

For inquiring and services orders

  • Call one of our friendly sales hotline staff: 800-124-1300
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  • Contact your  account manager today
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