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Manages Companies' Warranties

The overall goal of warranty management service offerings is it to reduce warranty cost while optimally utilizing warranty systems.

How to accurately establish the current warranties associated with current assets? How to establish service contracts with manufacturers and match those with respective customer warranties? How to provide effective customer coverage for current warranties? How to provide coverage for out-of-warranty assets? How to ensure that warranty information is transparent, easily accessible and up-to-date? How to handle invalid claims? How to reduce warranty cost? How to reduce warranty cycle time? How to effectively distinguish between own and supplier warranty cases? How to improve supplier handling speed and claim success rate for warranty cases? How to handle warranty case prioritization efficiently? How much outstanding warranty claims are present at any given time? Which customer types claim warranties for which products frequently?

Companies today outsource their warranty management to professional warranty management service providers as complexity in warranty handling increases and overall warranty cost become more significant.

STC Solutions offers comprehensive warranty management services which allow companies to outsource their warranty handling completely in order to improve service quality while decreasing total warranty handling costs.

We typically follow a structured implementation process by starting with a business need analysis. Building on the outcome, we will define the requirements of the warranty management function. Next step is to select a warranty management software tool which best meets the requirements. The tool typically functions as a central warranty related data collection and retrieval site, including invoice warranty and customer SLA data. We also look into setting up a cross functional team that will focus on device warranty related activities.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our sophisticated warranty management tools and state-of-the-art warranty handling processes will help you to:

  • Improve warranty turnaround time and increase claim accuracy
  • Seamlessly integrate warranty management tools into the companies' existing IT infrastructure
  • Improve the transparency of relevant data as well as its availability and consistency
  • Increase meaningful input to capacity management function
  • Increase revenues from specialized warranties (e.g. extended coverage or duration) which can now be offered due to the improves warranty tracking functionalities

In the long run, companies will be enabled to improve the quality of their actual products utilizing the detailed insights of historic warranty claims.

Additional benefits include:

  • Minimizing number of fraud cases
  • Improved accuracy in provisioning for warranty claims
  • Possibility for advanced warranty planning
  • Monitoring of warranty management performance
  • Faster warranty case decision making

Moreover, outsourcing warranty management allows focusing resources on the core business while having a peace of mind that warranties are managed professionally.

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