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Manages Companies' IT Assets

The primary goal of IT Assessment Management services is to effectively manage and account for the IT assets over their complete life cycle spanning from procurement, to deployment and maintenance functions.

How to account for all IT assets efficiently / how to tag, tack and dispose assets? How to track IT resources over the complete life cycle effectively? How to treat asset leakages? What are optimized replacement strategies? How to control IT asset costs throughout the organization? What cost reduction measures are feasible?

Companies today outsource their IT Assessment Management functions to professionalize this task in a consolidated and centralized approach.

STC Solutions offers services which tackle the end-to-end IT Assessment Management:

Before the companies' IT assets can be accounted for and managed effectively, we typically make sure that respective policies, standards, underlying processes as well as support and control systems are in place. Those supplemental tools and systems are required to handle all assets in terms of cost, ownership, risk and performance aspects.

Service typically in focus (selection):

  • Asset logging
  • Inventory management
  • Replacement management
  • Optimization
  • Leakage management

In close coordination with the client, we set IT Assessment Management goals and service quality targets. Within this step, we also typically agree on metrics with the client in order to closely monitor the performance of the IT Assessment Management function.

As next step we make sure that the supplemental tools and systems are sufficiently linked to related organizational functions, such as IT service, help desk, finance, admin, HR and procurement departments, etc. Those links ensure that all required IT asset data can be acquired and is available to the main stakeholders at all times.

Depending on scale of business, we implement IT Assessment Management software to centrally manage the assets into the companies' existing IT landscape. Once the implementation is done, our managed service team will start gathering asset data.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our best-in-class IT Assessment Management services focus on asset transparency throughout life cycle.

Companies typically experience:

  • Reduction of total cost of IT asset ownership due to direct allocation of IT asset cost items
  • Standardized asset handling processes
  • Additional savings through increased process efficiencies and higher asset utilization during their lifecycle
  • Full transparency and control over their inventory
  • Centrally documented, accurate and up-to-date asset information
  • Improved IT asset reporting and statistics
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