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Manages Companies' Network Security

Internet usage has significantly increased to 9.8 Mil. users or 38.1 % of Saudi Arabia's population in 2010 (Source: International Telecommunication Union). Driven by the internet usage growth, IT infrastructure became the backbone of the Kingdom's business operations during the last decade. Today, IT networks are critical to business success, as business operations depend on networking functionalities more than ever.

With businesses broadly utilizing networking resources, security becomes a major issue. For example the total dollar loss due to reported US internet crime incidents more than doubled in 2009 to USD 560 Mil. (Source: Internet Crime Complaint Center). Consequently, internet sabotage and similar threats rank amongst the top risks on fortune 1000's key executive security agendas.

Information leakage, spyware, malware vulnerability, spamming, hacking, phishing and corruption of data are only few of the increasing threats to enterprise IT systems.

The primary task of network security management is to effectively protect networks from threats as shortcomings in network security and suboptimal security policies allow to compromise companies' networks.

How secure is the company's information within the network? How can it be ensured that the network is immune to exploits, tools, malicious scripts and other threats? What are the right offensive and defensive measures? Is there a need to adopt or refine the current measures in place? How can companies ensure continuous protection in a changing technological environment with ever-changing network requirements?

Companies today address network threats in a proactive manner to retain control over networks and company data and manage the process over the complete security lifecycle.

STC Solutions offers comprehensive network security management services which fully manages clients' network security:

We typically start looking at security related issues ranging from the physical infrastructure over the configurations of network components to the actual users, whereas we focus our assessment on a detailed analysis of technical vulnerabilities.

Moreover, we systematically identify security weaknesses looking at the network from the outside in, analyze security measures from the components within the network and last but not least understand the issues at the different machines. Main outcome of a network security assessment is typically a categorization of identified security risks. We work together with our clients to identify the security shortcomings which need to be addressed and deriving next steps to mitigate the risks.

Elements typically covered (selection):

  • Information risk assessment
  • BCP/DRP solutions/compliance readiness
  • Information security policy management
  • Corporate governance and IT governance
  • Firewalls / intrusion prevention system
  • Gateway and personal anti-virus and anti-spam tools
  • Anti-spam and URL filtering
  • Digital certificates, VPN and encryption
  • Layered security deployment
  • URL filtering and digital certificates

After deciding about the implementation of the risk mitigation measures, we typically implement the measures into companies' existing IT landscape as well as optimize network security processes. Once the implementation is done, our managed service team will run the network security center.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Having an up-to-date secure network services is a business enabler, typically results in

  • Focus on the day-to-day tasks without worrying about potential or actual security threats due to our Network Security Management service solution
  • Improvement of network efficiency and quality of service
  • Constant and rigorous review process of components and systems

Additionally, outsourcing network security management allows focusing resources on the core business while having a peace of mind that network security is managed professionally.

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