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Manages Companies' Service Desks

The overall goal of service desk offerings is it to provide pro-active, simple and effective 24/7/365 incident and requests handling solutions targeting internal users and customer. This is done by standardizing underlying IT tools as much as possible and integrating business processes into the service desk infrastructure.

How can outsourcing the companies' service desk help to handle customer requests and complaints in a timely and cost effective manner?

Outsourcing the service desk will provide best practice answers to common service desk related questions and thus make the organization more efficient: How to offer services at the same quality level at all times? Should the service desk be structured in a distributed, centralized or virtual set up? What IT tools are required? How to ensure that supporting systems are sufficiently integrated to offer a seamless end-to-end service experience? What metrics should be measured to determine the performance of the service desk? How to solve issues with minimal business impact and within agreed service levels? How to prioritize requests effectively?

Companies today recognize the value of a single point of contact for their internal and external end-users who request for help. Thus, outsourced service desks are implemented to holistically provide services, such as centralized call center services, 1st and 2nd level help desk services as well as expert service desks and additional self services, etc.

STC Solutions offers services which help to design, configure and operate companies' service desk:

We typically start with analyzing companies' requirements, its budget and design a suitable service desk solution. This is followed by a feasibility study to align requirements with actual available budgets.

We help to set service objectives, goals and service quality targets. Within this step, we typically agree on metrics with the client in order to closely monitor the performance of the service desk. Based on this, we define roles and responsibilities, policies and flexible processes to run the service desk efficiently.

During the service desk implementation process, we start a continuous workstream of optimizing staffing and training requirements as well as support processes centered around the service desk function (like incident management, request management, etc.). Once the implementation is done, our managed service team will start operating the outsourced service desk.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our best-in-class service desk services focus on increasing end-user satisfaction while decreasing overall cost.

Companies typically experience

  • Significant decrease of request resolution time due to service bundling, automation, efficient processes and request prioritization
  • Reduction of service cost per user due to a more efficient usage of resources
  • Increased share of automated processes eliminating repetitive manual tasks
  • Maximization of system uptime
  • Consistent and proactive IT service delivery
  • Single point of contact / face to the customer
  • Increased productivity and staff utilization
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