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Manage Complexity of Configurations and Releases

The goal of configuration management is to:

  • Identify, control, record, report, audit and verify configuration items, including versions, baselines, constituent components, their attributes and relationships
  • Protect the integrity of configuration items by ensuring that only authorized components are used and only authorized changes are being made in the IT environment

The goal of release management is to:

  • Deploy releases into production and hand over new or changed services to live services
  • Maintain the overall release plan for the live production environment

How to control and manage change of configurations? What precautions to take due to potential uncontrolled changes and user errors? How to implement application changes in complex application infrastructures? How to manage developments, tests and releases with decreasing development cycles? How to tackle an increasing number and frequency of change requests? How to best deal with rapidly changing environment?

More frequently companies focus on proactively managing the complexity of system configurations and deployment projects by dedicating resources for supervision. Typical business requirements of stability, scalability and transparency of the processes as well as on-time and on-budget project targets are addressed. Risks of changes are mitigated.

STC Solutions offers services which help companies to manage complex configurations and releases actively:

  • Configuration Management Services cover the collection of information associated with each asset, the management of configurations inside the network as well as the underlying support processes. Generally, we select a configuration management tool together with the client addressing the specific client's business and technical requirements. After the set up and implementation of the configuration management tool, we typically gather the hardware & software inventory and its configuration and topology information. Changes to the current configuration are captured and support to deploy those changes is provided.
  • Release Management Services focuses on securing the production environment through a set of standardized activities. Typically, we start with planning the releases. This is followed by the design and implementation of policies supervising the deployment while considering the special requirements of each company's IT environment. As a third step, we actively control the implementation of changes to the IT environment and manage the integration of change requests.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our strong experience in configuration & release management will help you to:

  • Increase the efficiency of change handling
  • Process planned and unplanned change requests faster
  • Account for the IT assets and their status within the organization

Additional benefits include:

  • The deployment risk is lowered due to automated releases and a streamlined production environment interaction.
  • Generally, companies' also experience a reduction of change and release cost due to standardization of assembly and change processes and new possibilities to effectively measure performance in a more detailed way.
  • Actively managed configurations & releases will enable your IT to handle changes proactively maintaining a stable IT environment.
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