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Effectively Deploy Networks

Internet usage has significantly increased to 9.8 Mil. users or 38.1 % of Saudi Arabia's population in 2010 (Source: International Telecommunication Union). Driven by the internet usage growth, IT infrastructure became the backbone of the Kingdom's business operations during the last decade. Today, IT networks are critical to business success, as business operations depend on networking functionalities more than ever.

Network deployment services help our clients roll-out and operationalize business networks through effective project management, provisioning and network configuration methodologies at the clients' sites.

Network deployment is a complex undertaking – spanning multiple geographies, locations, technologies, suppliers and providers. Companies today seek help to actively manage the deployment of networks to ensure a timely execution of the implementation and to achieve rapid customer take-up of the new network services. A strong partner with proven track record to bring together a corporate or business network in a timely manner in order to meet the operational and business requirements in an assured manner is an essential element of success.

STC Solutions offers services for network deployment which tackle all issues related to the network roll-out activities ranging from comprehensive turn-key network deployment to fully outsourced deployment and program management services depending on the companies' business requirements.

Depending on the degree of involvement in network deployment, we start the network deployment planning in the network design phase and revise the plan continuously to reflect developments during the implementation.

As part of the network deployment, we analyze the companies' current network and potential configurations to be adapted to meet the network designs and requirements. Multiple deployment plans are developed to allow for selection of the best deployment plan in close working relationship with the client considering underlying business requirements, budget constraints and technical benefits.

Subsequently, we develop a comprehensive deployment work plan detailing separate steps necessary to effectively deploy the network. This deployment work plan typically spans procurement, staging, installation as well as testing of the hardware and software components and their integration into the existing IT landscape. Depending on the level of engagement, STC Solutions is capable to ensure the execution of the plan by actively deploying the network; alternatively we can program manage the deployment done by the companies' IT or other third party vendors.

A programmed management office is established based on the selected deployment programmed to bring together client personnel, suppliers and STC Solutions professionals in a single cohesive team – whilst providing the business executives of full transparency of the project – progress to date, issues, risks and milestones.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

The network deployment services provide you with a reliable way to:

  • Rapidly roll-out new networks
  • Minimizing implementation risks due to our best practice deployment methodologies
  • Align multiple layers of IT Infrastructure
  • Keeping total deployment costs low
  • Achieve faster go-live due to shorter set up and installation times
  • Realize an increased reliability of the deployed infrastructure
  • Leverage new network technologies due to our relationships with our vendors
  • Ensuring future readiness of networks

Over the long run, companies are likely to experience a relatively better return on deployed assets as in comparison on in-house deployment by companies' own IT.

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