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Design and develop state-of-the-art NOCs and SOCs

The goal of the NOC, SOC design & development service is to provide a complete infrastructure availability solution to fit companies' requirements for state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and Security Operation Centers (SOCs) for firms that are focusing on building in-house IT capabilities.

Key questions answered are: What services are required to meet current and future business needs? What is the most suitable operating model? What is the right level of staffing? What kinds of technologies are required? How to effectively design and develop work spaces to monitor, manage and troubleshoot problems on a network (focus on NOC)? How to prepare organizations to fulfill the needs of internal IT security services (focus on SOC)?

Companies with the need for a NOC or SOC should align the operating centers' design to their business requirements early in the development process to optimally invest their resources, consider future requirements and prepare for a seamless integration into their existing business operation.

STC Solutions offers best-in-class NOC and SOC design and development services providing turn-key solutions by handling everything from NOC/SOC high level design, to capacity dimensioning to IT landscape integration.

Our typical design & development process:

  • We start by analyzing the companies' specific requirements in line with their overall business goals. This baselining is followed by the design of potential configurations considering the existing IT landscape and its unique requirements (software model).
  • In close work relationship with the client, STC Solutions revises initial designs to derive the most cost efficient solution design fulfilling companies' current and future requirements effectively.
  • After designing the software model and the design of the actual hardware set up, the overall design is tested and verified.
  • Last but not least all system components are developed.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Companies seeking professional help in designing and developing their NOCs and SOCs early on

  • Achieve a smooth integration into the companies' existing IT landscape and a high quality of service from the start while optimally matching the companies' specific business requirements
  • Ensure that sophisticated network management, monitoring and analysis tools can be used effectively and that servers and services operate continuously
  • Typically lower its IT management costs (total cost of ownership) and achieve higher return on its investment due to optimally matching components within the operating center and with the interfaces to the companies' IT environment
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