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Having the right number of people with the right skills

The goal of manpower capacity & capability planning is to have the right number of people with the required skills focusing on delivering business outcome.

What are the required capabilities for the project? How many people are needed and when? Is my manpower plan in line with the project goals financially and strategically? How will the demand for manpower change over the course of the project? Are there certain skill training needs and how can they be adequately addressed? How does the manpower plan of this project integrate in the overall company manpower plan?

When preparing for small as well as for medium and large scale solution projects, companies typically have a proper manpower plan in place to accurately address for manpower requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

STC Solutions offers a comprehensive range of manpower capacity & capability planning services from assessing current manpower needs for a particular project to holistically manage manpower requirements of IT solution project companies.

During manpower planning assignments, we typically start with analyzing the current manpower inventory as well as the existing and future manpower need. This assessment leads to a manpower capacity and capability plan which is normally translated into a manpower roadmap providing companies an overview of employee hiring and training requirements.

  • Manpower Inventory is assessed to understand current manpower capacities & capabilities and derive whether existing manpower is employed optimally meeting the projects requirements
  • Manpower Forecasts & Plan are developed based on the project business needs focusing not only on required capacity but also on capabilities
  • Manpower Management (Roadmap) focused on different measures, such as hiring and training schedules to ensure that manpower requirements can be met in the future

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Utilizing STC Solutions holistic approach to manpower capacity and capability planning services helps companies to

  • Assess their manpower requirements effectively while reducing inefficiencies from oversupply, wrong skill sets or project holdbacks potentially impacting project deliverables
  • Better manage complex manpower requirements resulting from handling multiple projects at the same time or large scale engagements
  • Link companies' recruiting activities directly to manpower requirements ensuring a highly targeted recruiting approach
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