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Ensuring that your current investment in IT is operating at the most effective level providing you maximum returns

The goal of IT environment optimization is to systematically identify any performance gaps that may exist in the IT environment – specifically where the current assets are inadequately utilized resulting in lower throughput. The exercise aims at improving the IT environment as the company grows in scale and put its IT environment through changes.

Is the IT environment ready for integration of new systems? What cost can be optimized without decreasing the environment's performance? What measures do companies have to maximize existing IT environments' capabilities? How to face the pressure on the IT environment during growth periods?

Companies undergoing IT environment optimization focus on cutting operational cost, on increasing asset utilization and on improving the required IT capabilities maximizing their overall business value. A more simplified and leaner IT environment and an improved return on IT investment is typically the outcome.

STC Solutions offers IT environment optimization services that can cater to both - companies with simple IT environments delivered by sole technology provider to companies with complex environments provided by a diverse range of vendors using multiple technologies.

We particularly focus on 3 types of services:

  • Asset productivity assessment assesses the current technology platform to identify if "re-platforming" or selectively changing the technology platform of a few components can provide a significantly increased throughput for the whole environment.
  • Consolidation Services focuses on reducing the complexity of the IT environment, as well as on efficiency improving measures by consolidating the complex and distributed isolated infrastructure elements on to a single scalable platform. It can utilize the spare capacity available in the environment to provide redundancy as well as recommend new technology components that may be required for a smooth and secure workflow environment.
  • Virtualization Services targeted to reduce physical IT hardware by virtualizing the current legacy infrastructure onto a single scalable modern infrastructure that can provide long term technical compatibility as well as higher return on investment. Cost related to IT space, cooling and power are typically reduced improving the overall operational cost situation of clients.

The offered services focusing not only on hardware and systems, but also on the operating processes and are ranging from a one-time benefit to a continuous improvement optimization.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Applying IT environment optimization measures helps companies to:

  • Increase the performance delivered by existing hardware and software
  • Account for changing IT demand due to changing business factors as well as business growth
  • Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX to achieve faster ROI
  • Help to better prepare for and conduct potential technology migrations
  • Free up potential of cost reductions
  • Create business value by freeing up capacity and removing inefficiencies
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