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Ensuring that your current IT environment is operating at the most effective level

The goal of operational quality assessment is to ensure that the operation of companies' IT environment will meet the intended operating standards delivering quality outcomes in terms of accuracy, responsiveness and ability to meet operational business needs. Quality related performance gaps that may exist in the operation of the companies IT environment are systematically identified – specifically where the current processes and policies are inadequately designed and applied leading to lower throughput. The exercise also aims at improving the operation of the IT environment in the light of international quality standards and certifications to ensure that the companies' IT environments are agile and have the ability to scale to the changing business needs.

Do the applied operating standards meeting the business requirements? Is the IT environment sufficiently accurate and responsive? What are major improvement areas in terms of overall quality of current IT environment operation? What processes can be streamlined with minimal impact on the environment's operational performance? How to make the organization compliant with ITIL standards and ISO 9000 / 27000 ready? Are the IT environment processes and policies ready for integration of new systems? How to face the pressure on the operation of the IT environment during growth periods?

Companies undergoing operational quality assessment focus on operational excellence, such as ITIL standards or ISO certifications, maximizing their overall business value. A more simplified and leaner operation of the IT environment is typically the outcome.

STC Solutions assesses the operation of the current IT environment from a perspective of operation, technology and people maturity. The operational assessment will be performed in line with international quality frameworks and standards to identify if changes to the operating processes and policies can provide a significantly increased throughput relating to the services being delivered. Within this assignment, we also focus on analyzing whether operating processes and policies are sufficiently robust to support planned expansions (like additional systems and components, etc.), are ITIL aligned and ISO 9000 / 20000 / 27000 ready.

Outcome typically is a comprehensive roadmap, illustrating all problem areas; problem areas are ranked by priority and recommendations for next remediation steps are provided.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Applying operational quality assessment services helps companies to:

  • Gauge the maturity of IT processes, operation and systems
  • Increase the performance delivered by existing hardware and software by adjusting operating processes and policies
  • Check for organizational compliance of defined processes and procedures
  • Prepare the organization for ISO 9000 / 27000 and achieve certification
  • Be agile to meet the increasingly changing IT demands and business requirements
  • Better prepare for and conduct potential technology migrations
  • Create business value by freeing up capacity and removing inefficiencies
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