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Designing and configuring networks meeting current and future needs

Internet usage has significantly increased to 9.8 Mil. users or 38.1 % of Saudi Arabia's population in 2010 (Source: International Telecommunication ). Driven by the internet usage growth, IT infrastructure became the backbone of the Kingdom's business operations during the last decade. Today, IT networks are critical to business success, as business operations depend on networking functionalities more than ever.

Our network design makes sure that your network meets not only the current but also emerging future requirements. Additionally, the design ensures that your business is making the most efficient and effective usage of the latest technology available – giving better throughput, higher reliability and availability as well as economic outcomes. Operational cost is reduces and higher return on investment within a reasonable time period is achieved.

Do you need to integrate multiple s? Will you have mainly fixed devices, or do you have remotely connecting devices? How will a specific quality of service level reflect on network capacity requirements? How are the network needs expected to change in the future and how does the dimensioning reflect those expected future needs?

Before establishing a new network or service, the design phase is a crucial process looking at how the new network or service will operate, how much it is projected to cost and last but not least what are the network's detailed technical capabilities.

STC Solutions offers services which help to design and configure your network:

  • Network Design Services assignments typically start with a network audit to assess the existing network and future requirements related to accessibility, availability, scalability and manageability of the network. The networks covered include LAN – Local Area Network, WAN – Wide Area Network and WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network. We apply network optimization methodologies to find an optimal balance between routing of the current traffic and maximum bandwidth that could be made available using current and emerging technologies – from current and alternative suppliers. The outcome of network design service provides a network blueprint that meets the current and emerging business requirements by optimizing the current investment in the network as well as bringing to notice potential alternatives available in the market for future consideration. This blueprint typically includes the network design document, the bill of material as well as the implementation and test plan.
  • Implementation Services will take the network design and further determine detailed network parameters, such as sizing of the components with respect to a specific Grade of Service. Typically, we will generate a routing plan in course of this process. Additionally, we will ensure the reliability of the network and determine its capacity requirements. We will consider parameters, such as site structure, network topology, physical wiring, etc. End outcome is typically a comprehensive circuit plan which is used to derive detailed network product requirements.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our best-in-class network design and configuration services will help you to:

  • Decrease the overall network planning and design cost
  • Ensure that your network requirements are met
  • Optimize overall network performance and quality
  • Reduce the operational cost and achieve ROI on a reasonable time period
  • Leverage new network technologies due to our relationships with leading edge vendors
  • Incorporate global best practices with the help of our certified professionals
  • Ensuring future readiness of networks

Why STC Solutions

  • STC Solutions Company is known for its unique features that make it the best choice in the IT services sector. These features enable STC Solutions to lead the market by providing the best class services to its valued customers throughout planning, building, and operation. This methodology assures a flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructure environment that delivers tangible business outcomes to its clients. STC Solutions through its dedicated team of high caliber professionals by applying variety of consulting, infrastructure and managed solutions, with a blend of best ITIL and project management practices enable their customers to get maximum return on their IT investment in an efficient and effective manner. Our customers particularly value STC Solutions’ state-of-the-art technical expertise, our relationships with global technology partners, high quality standards, and hands-on customer support.
  • STC Solutions provides end-to-end solutions with its bouquet of services from design to delivery – as a result customers have one specific point of contact for all IT environment related issues.
  • STC Solutions has a proven track record of taking complex projects and converting them into successful reality. With prior work for the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior, (NEMO) Network Modernization, Information Technology Communications Complex (ITCC), King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), Tatweer and others, we are able to demonstrate that we understand what it means to fulfill the highest standards of operational excellence.
  • STC Solutions developed global partnership with the industry leading names such as HP, Fujitsu, Oracle, Symantec, DELL, Intel, Microsoft, Juniper and CISCO.
  • STC Solutions follows industry best practices and standards, such as ITIL and ISO 9001:2008/ 20000/ 27000 ensuring a consistent high quality service delivery.
  • We employ a professional and certified delivery team well-known for their high caliber and comprehensive knowledge. Our delivery team is trained internationally and in KSA on a regular basis and maintains an excellent track record in fulfilling industry quality certifications requirements as per clients’ needs. Our delivery team is certified in PMP, ITIL and other industry standard certifications.
  • With our state-of-the-art technology tools, like our newly upgraded network and security operating center (NOC and SOC) as well as our high capacity backbone with multiple redundancies, we are providing highly reliable services to our customers.
  • Our internet and connectivity services in cooperation with STC Group offer solutions to satisfy customers’ requirements with reliable and secure high speed internet and corporate network access utilizing the latest internet technologies.
  • Our data center is operating under world-class standards and procedures where the best practices have been adopted.
  • As subsidiary and agile arm of Saudi Telecom Company, we ensure stable services backed by the state-of-the-art technology and experience.
  • We offer 24/7/365 technical support service solving problems quickly.
  • All data center facilities have been engineered using several layers of security, power, and support.
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