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STC Solutions Internet services and Online Solutions have a full range of high quality Value Added Services for end users.

Through STC Solutions internet services & online solutions, customers could get benefit from a variety of Value Added Services such as IP' s, SMS, Email Service, Domain Name Systems (DNS), Domain Name. Companies which are unable to invest much on in house security setup and doesn' t have a dedicated professional to manage it, could get benefit of Secure service which is a reliable solutions for various kinds of security threats. Through IP-VPN multiple branches of a company can be connected. MPLS is also a secured and reliable choice.

STC Solutionsalso offers SMS service, which is regarded as the innovative, comprehensive and economic solution for the small entities those wish to start immediately their businesses on the Internet with an advanced and easy technology with high degree of protection and privacy for the information. SMS service includes SMS services, to cater the needs of both consumer and corporate sector (bulk SMS). Enjoy convenient, reliable, fast and affordable Wi-Fi at various hotspots located kingdom wide.

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